Frequently asked questions
What is a service inspection and when does it take place?
A service inspection may be done after all customer owned service equipment and related wiring is installed and ready for inspection. Upon successful completion of the inspection, a connection authorization will be issued by ESA to the Supply Authority (electric utility).

Depending on the installation the service inspection may include any or all of the following, meterbase, panelboard, ground electrode, trenching, underground conductors, pole(s), overhead conductors, etc. At least one outlet and associated wiring shall also be completed prior to the inspection. To determine what will be supplied and installed by the supply authority and what will be required from the customer it is necessary that a service layout be completed prior to installing any electrical service equipment. A service layout is obtained by contacting the supply authority. Upon successful completion of the service inspection, ESA will issue a connection authorization to the supply authority permitting energization of the customers service. No part of the installation shall be concealed prior to inspection (eg- backfilling of trench or overtop of ground electrodes, etc). For new installations the service inspection and rough-in inspection are completed at the same time, or additional inspection fees may be applied.

Note: where a connection authorization has been issued by ESA to the supply authority, it is valid for the connection of a service for a period of up to six months from the date of issue.

Ontario Electrical Safety Code 25th Edition/2012.

What is a service layout and how do I arrange to get one?
A service layout is obtained by contacting the Supply Authority (electric utility) that supplies power to your premises. Many supply authorities accept requests for service layouts on-line at their website or you can contact the supply authority by phone to make your request. Your electrical contractor can also look after this for you.

Most supply authorities require a service layout for any premises where electrical power has not been supplied previously, or for premises where the customer wishes to upgrade and/or relocate their existing electrical service. The service layout must be completed before any work is done to install or change a service.

A service layout is a sketch that is prepared by the supply authority together with the customer to determine the location of the service and meter, to determine what equipment and wiring the supply authority will need to supply and install and to determine what equipment and wiring the customer may need to install for connection to the supply authority.

What is a final inspection and when does it take place?
This inspection is done after the electrical installation is complete. This means that all receptacles, switches, cover plates, lighting fixtures and permanently connected appliances are in place and the panel directory has been completed. All unused openings in panel boards or junction and outlet boxes shall be filled with suitable fillers.

Where an appliance that is to be permanently connected is not yet on site, the cable shall be terminated in a junction box complete with a blank cover and the ends of the conductors shall be insulated with wire connectors or tape. Where permanent light fixtures are not yet on site, install temporary light fixtures or a blank cover on lighting outlet boxes.

The final inspection shall be requested as soon as possible after completion of the electrical installation.

Rule 2-004.

Ontario Electrical Safety Code 25th Edition/2012.